Love in a Digital Age

Long-Distance at Uni: The Rise of the Virtual Relationship - A guest post by Kate Mager In an increasingly digital age, romance is becoming more reliant on technology but is this helping or hindering young people in creating and maintaining meaningful relationships. When I accompanied Spaghetti Brains blogger Laina to the Sex Education Forum last… Continue reading Love in a Digital Age


“Because that’s how they do it in porn” – Why we can’t protect young people from pornography anymore.

Despite parental attempts to block adult content on computers, parents can’t stop others showing their children porn on the bus, or in the playground on their mobile phones, or stop them picking up a left behind copy of Fifty Shades of Grey.

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Summer Penis and Vagina Tips

"Summer time is a season many of us look forward to but the heat, sun, and activities we get up to, don′t come without their risks. Here are a few tips to look after your genitalia (and body in general) whilst yourself through the summer months and on holiday."