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Camino de Santiago – managing your period

n order to try to keep my life as simple as possible, I decided to skip my withdrawal bleed from the contraceptive pill by continuously taking it each day, instead of the 7 day break. It was something I’d done before...but it didn’t go as well as usual. So here’s my experience, and tips for periods/spotting/and general vagina care whilst walking the camino, or hiking anywhere else in the world....


Love in a Digital Age

Long-Distance at Uni: The Rise of the Virtual Relationship - A guest post by Kate Mager In an increasingly digital age, romance is becoming more reliant on technology but is this helping or hindering young people in creating and maintaining meaningful relationships. When I accompanied Spaghetti Brains blogger Laina to the Sex Education Forum last… Continue reading Love in a Digital Age


Happy Birthday to us

It has been one year since my first post on Spaghetti Brains as it’s very own site. But the idea had been in my mind for months before and thanks to Just Giving, I was able to raise enough money to fund at least 2 years of Spaghetti Brains. It has been and continues to be one of the best things I spend my time on and I hope it continues to grow over the next year. Here’s a little insight into what has happened since then...


How did you figure out you were gay?

Well, I didn’t kiss a girl, but I already knew I liked it. For starters, a straight 11-year-old wouldn’t have watched that Katy Perry video 934 times on her iPod classic. Fast forward several years of teenage brooding and nothing could have prepared me for what it would feel like when a girl actually kissed me, not any of my expectations or anything that I’d seen in a film or any dream that I had ever dreamt.


How do vegans have sex?

In the aftermath of this year's Veganuary , everyone's talking about veganism in some way or another, more than 100,000 people took the plunge this year in attempting to follow a vegan lifestyle. But have you ever wondered, how do vegans have sex?