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Things I wish I’d known about sex – 

Sally’s interpretation of the blog post.

In this image I wanted to represent that clitorises get erect too. The radiating circles showing the intensity of the feeling rather than the physical change.

Erect clitoris


This image ambiguously shows how sperm ‘splodges’ out of any hole after sex and affirms that this process is okay and natural.
wheel of legs and sperm

The importance of opening yourself up to possibilities when it comes to sex is represented in this image.

There is not just one way to have sex

Summer penis and vagina tips –

Sally’s interpretation of the blog post. (More info to come)

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My experience of sex education in England

Sally’s interpretation of the blog post. A timeline representing the stages of sex education Laina discusses in the post, linked with vines. The stages go from left to right, ending with the lowest image of a woman.

My Experience of Sex Education in England