Happy Birthday to us

One year of Spaghetti Brains

It has been one year since my first post on Spaghetti Brains as it’s very own site. But the idea had been in my mind for months before and thanks to Just Giving, I was able to raise enough money to fund at least 2 years of Spaghetti Brains. It has been and continues to be one of the best things I spend my time on and I hope it continues to grow over the next year. Here’s a little insight into what has happened since then…

At the beginning of July last year, I attended the Sex Education Forum’s Summer Member Event in London to represent young people and the Young Inspector’s Scheme in Shropshire. I was really excited for the event, to connect with others who have similar visions to me but also to learn more about the complications we face when trying to improve SRE (Sex and Relationships Education). The day was one for celebration also preparation. With the announcement that SRE will be statutory in secondary schools, and the ‘Relationships’ part to be statutory in primary schools, there was a lot to think about and discuss. I met some great people at the event and learnt a lot. Dr Ester McGeeney presented her research on Digital Relationships which can be found on Brook’s website by clicking HERE.
Fast forward a couple of months to September, and both Sally and I started at universities in Manchester. I don’t know whether you noticed the lack of posts over those months, but let me tell you that uni was not what I was expecting. I thought I had it all planned out, but it’s been a roller-coaster journey. Something both Sally and I have been IMG_9781involved with since arriving in Manchester is Sexpression. Sexpression is a student led charity that aims to deliver SRE sessions to 14-18 year olds. I have loved being on the committee and delivering SRE in schools around Manchester. It’s just reaffirmed my dream of wanting to teach SRE as a full time career.
Sally came to Sexpression’s training day and designed Sexpression’s sex themed pub quiz poster. As well as coming up with the idea, and contributing to, a sex themed art exhibition for Sex Week. However, Manchester isn’t for everyone, and from September Sally will be studying art at the Aberystwyth University.
I started writing this post whilst sat in a sexual health clinic, waiting to see a doctor about having a coil fitted (something I hope to be writing about). As I waited, I thought about how to move forward with Spaghetti Brains. My priorities for the next year will continue to lie with delivering sessions with Sexpression and finding some kind of work experience or internships in the areas of SRE and PSHE. In order to keep up the blog posts, I want to expand my knowledge of the field.
In terms of what you’ll be seeing on the blog, I have a couple of guest writers in the pipeline! I am also going to be writing about how sex, menstruation, and periods in the bleeding disorder world. I have so many ideas of things I want to do, yet I’m still in the learning process of how it’s best for me to get them down and share them with you all.
If you’re still in support of what I’ve been doing, then please help out however way you can. Here’s my little plea for promotion now: If you like reading these posts, and/or think other people need to see them, then please share them on social media, follow me on social media, interact with social media posts, point relevant people in my direction, and just help spread the word.
Finally, I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who’s been involved with Spaghetti Brains and a supporter of Spaghetti Brains so far.
Stay safe, stay sexy,

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