How do vegans have sex?

In the aftermath of this year’s Veganuary , everyone’s talking about veganism in some way or another, more than 100,000 people took the plunge this year in attempting to follow a vegan lifestyle. But have you ever wondered, how do vegans have sex?

Having sex as a vegan doesn’t consist of the memes that come up when you type this question into google, but there are some things that vegans may consider when they do.

Did you know that not all condoms are vegan?

It may surprise you but lots of condoms contain a milk protein called casein. Casein is used in the process of developing latex to make it smooth. Also as condoms are medical products, they can, sometimes, have different components or ingredients be tested on animals or be owned by companies who test on animals. Durex and Pasante, both common brands, are not vegan. However, not all hope is lost! There are brands of condoms out there which are vegan.

Glyde is an Australian brand which ship to different parts of the world, including the UK which are completely animal product and cruelty free.

Like condoms, not all lubes are vegan…

This is mostly due to animal testing. Even though this is not always by the lube companies specifically, they are sometimes owned by companies who test on animals. A preferred brand of mine which is vegan is Sliquid. Their lubricants are great quality, they produce a variety of them, do not test on animals and have organic products too. To top all that off, they sometimes work out cheaper per 100ml than durex on sites like lovehoney when they have offers on. (If you’re a student, remember to bag yourself 20% student discount on lovehoney too!)


Even with all these great vegan options, I think it’s really important to remember that implementing veganism into every part of your lifestyle is not always possible. So if you are vegan or considering attempting a vegan lifestyle and haven’t thought about ways to veganise your sex life, only do so if it is a feasible option for you. Don’t make compromises on your safe sex life based on your situation, be that financial or ability to access such products. Using non vegan products to keep yourself safe and healthy is far better than buying products you can’t realistically afford or not using anything at all.

So, vegan or not, now you’ll know more about what is in the products you use and know that even with the memes and gifs out there, vegan sex isn’t really that different.

vegan sex

Disclaimer: I have not been paid (sadly, this student could do with some dolla) by any of the companies mentioned, and if I ever were to be paid (maybe one day I’ll be famous enough) then I would make it very clear.

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