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Protect yo willy

To protect against STI’s you just whack on a male condom and hey presto, right? WRONG…well kind of. There is so much more to it than that, and how can you use a male condom if you’re two females anyway? Read on to see a fuller range of options when it comes to barriers against STI’s.

So most of us know that male condoms will protect us from STI’s. They are 98% effective, if used correctly, which is pretty good odds. Most of us also know that female or vaginal condoms exist, but aren’t really sure whether they’re effective, or how to use them. They are a little less effective, if used correctly, than male condoms at 95% effectiveness. Lastly, most people don’t know what dental dams are, or how to use them. The most common question I’ve had since starting this blog is “what is a dental dam?” because I mentioned them in a previous post. This made me realise I should probably cover what they are. All three of the barriers I’ve mentioned should protect against STI’s if you use them properly. So to give you the full low down, I’ve tried out all three types.

all 3.jpg

This first post is my review of male condoms.

Click here for female condoms (On or after 13th August 2017)
Click here for dental dams (On or after 20th August 2017)

Male condoms –

The NHS website defines a male condom as: very thin latex (rubber), polyisoprene or polyurethane, and are designed to stop a man’s semen from coming into contact with his sexual partner.

male condoms

Effectiveness: 98% effective when you use them properly.
Ease of use: EU certified male condoms are easy to tear open and have a fairly long life before expiring (expired condoms should only be used for demonstrations). I find it fairly easy to put male condoms on and take them off but it does require some practice, so take your time. They will change the feeling of sex but it’s a small price to pay for preventing against STI’s and in the case of penis in vagina sex, pregnancy too.

unwrapped condom
When and who: Male condoms can be used whenever you want to use them (posh wank and all) but are mostly used for entry sex and blow jobs. They can be used by anyone with a penis.
Accessing them: Due to cuts to health services by our oh so fabulous government, sexual health services are very stretched at the moment. However, it is still possible to access free male condoms from some sexual health clinics, as well as charities. Many areas in the UK have condom distribution schemes where young people, and sometimes older people, can access condoms for free with a ‘C-Card’, even if they are underage. But you will also find them for sale in most pharmacies, supermarkets, and even places like Home Bargains, and sometimes Poundland.
Personal opinion: I believe using male condoms shouldn’t be embarrassing or something to be squeamish over. They’re a two in one when it comes to sex (and can be three in one, if you read my dental dams post which is coming soon).

Keep an eye out on social media for the next post in this little series: Protecting against STI’s – Female Condoms (Coming on 13th August 2017)



Update about 34 minutes after posting: Just thought I should add that neither Durex or Pasante paid me to do these posts (sadly). If I ever reach the point where that is possible (the dream) then I’ll always let you know.

3 thoughts on “Protect yo willy”

  1. FWIW, interesting that you mention Dental Dams I thought these had died out. They came to prominence – or at least awareness, in the AIDS era of the mid 80’s but in my limited experience and knowledge, I would say their use was a minority sport at best. People will just not use things that kill the pleasure – for the (female) receiver a Dam is probably not going to be noticed but the infection path is more likely to be towards the giver in that situation and if they feel the dam deprives them of any fun it wont get used. Same could probably be said of female condoms. I’m sure for some people they work and give reassurance but I would not think it was other than a very tiny number of people.


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