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Spaghetti Brains is a sex positive education UK based blog.

Hi, my name is Laina, I’m the writer and creator of the blog. Ever since my own poor experience of sex education at school, I’ve had an active interest in 16114341_10206352649614819_5917587424714194187_nimproving it for others. I’ve based college work around the need to improve sex education and have began work experience in the field. Creating this blog is super exciting as I hope I can now have a further reach in the things I’ve learnt and the work I and others are doing.


Hi, my name is Sally and I’m providing the illustrations to go alongside the blog.
I’m so happy to beSally by Clara Chide able to collaborate artistically with Laina on this sex positive blog as my own sex education was very lacking. I think the ideas being put forward here are important for everyone to be aware of! I love being able to interpret posts through my art and to give people another way of accessing the information. Safe sex, Sally x x  x

With the move towards statutory sex education in our country, we believe that now is the time to make sure this is done properly. This blog is here to raise awareness of the current state of sex education and what we can do to make it better. Also to provide some tips and our own sex education along the way.

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Why Spaghetti Brains?

There is a short story about sexual pleasure behind the name spaghetti brains. Maybe I’ll tell you one day. But for now, have a little read

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Sex education changes lives

Comprehensive, unbiased sex education empowers people to make informed choices about their relationships and bodies.

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